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Sutton’s fluid movements, remarkable body control and finishing ability remind of AJ Green.

Franklin offers elite speed and open-field ability but hasn’t done much to prove he’s a true NFL running back or receiver. He’s more an athlete than receiver or running back, and didn’t earn substantial playing time until later this senior season. He showed his top-end speed as a wildcat/gadget player.

He’s dominant in one-on-one and red zone opportunities, but his late-breaking route definition and hand placement as a pass-catcher needs work.

Owens is a consistent hands-catcher and does a good job of adjusting his body to low throws and get his hands under the football. Ultimately, Owens is a complete receiver, with a perfect blend of power and quickness and grades out as a fringe NFL starter.

Powell has great size and the majority of his bulk is distributed in his quads and base. Powell is an extremely strong player who has good athleticism and lateral movement ability, and he combines these two traits to stack and shed players at the line of scrimmage with ease.

So when are the Boston Celtics going to be the best team in the league? Two years from now? Three? Four?

That’s a dumb prediction to make �� in 2013, who saw the Golden State Warriors becoming arguably the greatest dynasty of all time? �� but the path is increasingly being laid out in front of us. The Celtics have offered no qualms about building for the future, and they’re still laughably ahead of schedule. The team’s 102-88 win against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday didn’t mean anything �� no Cleveland regular season game truly means anything, and Isaiah Thomas didn’t play. But it was at least another reminder of how great Boston has played this season against all odds.

Nobody knows if the Celtics will actually become the best team in the league in some uncertain amount of time. Golden State’s hegemony looks stable for at least another couple seasons. Houston believes they can keep shifting pieces looking for the perfect formula around James Harden and Chris Paul for three to four years. Philadelphia might have a new age Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal pairing in Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, and never count out the Spurs, ever, for any reason. The same goes for LeBron James and whatever superteam he could create.

Best Place For Cheap Throwback Jerseys With Free Shipping

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