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Owens is a consistent hands-catcher and does a good job of adjusting his body to low throws and get his hands under the football.

Ultimately, Owens is a complete receiver, with a perfect blend of power and quickness and grades out as a fringe NFL starter.

Powell has great size and the majority of his bulk is distributed in his quads and base. Powell is an extremely strong player who has good athleticism and lateral movement ability, and he combines these two traits to stack and shed players at the line of scrimmage with ease.

Coutee possesses adequate size with outstanding foot speed with a second gear to run away from defenders in the open field. Coutee shows good ability to adjust his body to balls thrown behind him and demonstrates good leaping ability and kinesthetic sense.

Kelly offers tremendous upside at both safety and cornerback, both of which he has experience playing. Kelly flips his hips naturally without losing receiver or ball contact. He has some tackling inconsistencies and needs to be more physical in protecting against interior routes.

And, truth be told, only for the Lakers could we believe this possible, even if only slightly. Stick the general managers of the Cavaliers, Thunder, and Pelicans with truth serum and they’ll express some amount of fear of the Lakers. Fans of other teams so greedily celebrate the Lakers’ July failures because they fear a return to Lakers dominance. Kick them while they’re down, because you never know when they’ll stand back up and stomp you into the earth.

The fear is diminished with every losing season, and you have seen many in the Lakers fandom — legitimately one of the most diverse and smart fandoms in the NBA, no joke — embrace the reality of rebuilding from scratch. The plan from those in power, however, still hinges on the idea that the teams in 29th place plays by different rules. We’ll see.

In a case of bad timing, The Good Place returned to NBC last week with a scene in which Ted Danson’s character, Michael, says: Jaguars games are the only ones televised in the Bad Place because THEY SUCK.

Mande said while he was writing the first two seasons, he had just finished doing stand-up comedy shows in Jacksonville, which fueled his inspiration for the city and the team. He pondered the funniest contrast for the Jason Mendoza character, played by Manny Jacinto. On the show, Jason at first tried to convince everyone he was a Buddhist monk who had taken a vow of silence.

We thought, how about we make him a dirtbag from Florida who is an entrepreneur, a competitive dancer and a die-hard fan of this doomed franchise, Mande said. Mendoza’s dopey character is constantly ripped for his affection for the Jags and Bortles.

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