Calvin Johnson played his role as a Lions’ legend to a T.

Calvin Johnson played his role as a Lions’ legend to a T. He played masterful football, set franchise records, lost more games than he won, and retired at a young age after having his love of the game ground down to a nub. One such event that may have helped soften his resolve — and it introduced NFL fans to the modern catch rule as we knew cheap jerseys it.

In 2010, Johnson pulled down a deep heave from (checks notes) Shaun Hill to give his Lions a go-ahead touchdown with 24 seconds left, but an official review negated the score after ruling the All-Pro wideout didn’t control the ball through the entire act of the catch. Breaking the plane of the end zone didn’t matter — just securing the ball.

If your first reaction is cynicism about Jackson being used as anything other than a passer, that’s understandable. Some unjustly argued that Jackson should be moved to receiver, but the Ravens insisted from the start that he is a quarterback. So it already seems like Baltimore is going back on their word, to a degree, by suggesting Jackson could do other things in the offense.

Baltimore’s desire to get him on the field somehow isn’t unique, though. Just last year, the Chicago Bears wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a special package to get rookie Mitchell Trubisky on the field with Mike Glennon as the starter. It didn’t happen, mostly because it took Trubisky just four games to take over the reins full-time.

Jackson has proven his ability to do more than just pass the ball. In his ridiculously productive career at Louisville that earned him the Heisman Trophy in 2015, Jackson had 50 rushing touchdowns. It makes perfect sense that the Ravens would want to unleash that ability instead of leaving him on the sideline all year.

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